(*Standard tampons are the big name brands and Supermarket brands that contain rayon. Rayon is the highly absorbent, man-made fibre which is associated with the production of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Some cotton tampons that have a rayon over-wrap may also produce TSS, since the rayon is in contact with the skin).

Alice Kilvert Tampon Alert is a UK Registered Charity and has no arrangements with any commercial company that makes sanitary protection, (menstrual products). As we have often been asked for our advice about alternatives to tampons, we now list some of the companies that provide safe options. (This is free-of-charge to those companies, although we have asked them if they would like to display the Alice Kilvert Tampon Alert web address on their websites). Although the big name brands of towels/pads are also safe options, they have not been included here, since they have their own advertising schemes. Here we include all-cotton tampons and re-usable cups, sponges and towels/pads of the medium and smaller companies.

Concern has also been expressed about environmental factors regarding disposable sanitary protection. Although we don't campaign on environmental issues, we are supportive, and have focussed on the re-usable and bio-degradable type of menstrual product.

This web page will be enlarged periodically, so that any other company wishing to be included on this web page may E-mail their details to Similarly, if there are any objections to any company that is included, we will consider your evidence.

We hope that women and girls all over the world will understand the dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome and be able to make an informed choice as to the type of sanitary protection they use.


Products:Certified organic 100% cotton tampons with and without applicators; totally chlorine-free pads and liners from natural plant-derived materials. No super absorbents, plastics or perfumes.
Location:Bristol, UK
Phone:0117 982 3492
What we do:Natracare is the only full line of totally chlorine-free, disposable feminine hygiene products that are organic, natural and free from plastics, super-absorbents, dyes and perfumes. Available from Boots, Waitrose, Sainsbury's and health stores in UK and also worldwide.

Products:Full Natracare range of sanitary protection, a selection of washable menstrual pads, and the Mooncup.
Location:London Borough of Bromley, UK
Phone:0208 295 0626
What we do:A range of products for the monthly cycle with the environment and health in mind. Provide links to medically based, regularly updated websites.


Products:The Keeper, re-usable menstrual cup
Address:PO Box 20023, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220, USA
What we do:Simple to use, The Keeper is an innovative, feminine hygiene product. Economical, comfortable, environmentally friendly, it is an attractive alternative to sanitary pads and tampons, and when cared for properly it has a life expectancy of at least 10 years.

Products:The Keeper and The Keeper Mooncup re-usable menstrual cups. Organic, biodegradable, disposable tampons and pads; and washable cloth menstrual pads.
Location:Fort Worth, Texas, USA
What we do:We promote the use of natural feminine alternatives that are safe, as opposed to the dangerous, chemically treated disposable tampons and pads. Our focus is on the well- being of women and the environment by offering earth friendly products.

Products:Mooncup re-usable menstrual cup.
Address:Dolphin House, 40 Arundel Place, Brighton, BN2 1GD, UK.
Phone:+44 (0) 1273 673 845
What we do:Our Mooncup menstrual cup is made from a special medical-grade, non-allergic silicone. It contains no bleaches, deodorisers or absorbency gels. It is simple to clean and with proper care will last for several years.

Products:DivaCup re-usable menstrual cup
Location:1221 Weber St. E. Box 25089, Kitchener, ON, Canada N2A 4A5
Phone:519-896-9103, North America 866-444-DIVA (3482)
What we do:The DivaCup? Menstrual Solution is a leading-edge, natural feminine hygiene innovation used as an alternative to tampons or pads. Environmentally responsible, safe, clean, easy-to-use!

Products:Femmecup re-usable menstrual cup
Address:PO Box 9963, Harlow, CM20 9EU, UK.
Phone:01992 761370 or 07748 757471
What we do:The Femmecup is the menstrual solution that is economical, eco-friendly convenient, comfortable and safe to use. It is made of medical grade silicone, which is 100% hypoallergenic, latex-free, safe and hygienic and is easy to clean.

Products:re-usable cups Lunette cup, Mooncup and DivaCup, plus cloth pads
Location:Hameentie 3 A, FI-13200 Hameenlinna, Finland /
Phone:+358-400-553 732
What we do:We offer women the pleasant feeling throughout the month by providing menstrual cups and cloth pads. At the same time, the menstrual cup and cloth pads save your money and leave no waste behind.

Products:UK Distributor for Lunette Menstrual Cups
Location:United Kingdom
Phone:07811 137736
What we do:Supply Lunette menstrual cups and provide advice.


Products:Sea Pearls, natural sea sponge tampons.
Address:PO Box 1106, Hawthorne, FL 32640 USA
Phone:1-800-219-9765 & (386) 684-3217
What we do:Sea Pearls natural sponges are re-usable, re-cyclable and sustainable. They are sold around the world to hundreds of thousands of women for the past thirty years.

Product:Sea Pearls, natural sea sponge tampons
Address:PO Box 8258, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 7WZ, UK
Phone:(44) (0) 1787 371527
What we do:We provide natural, re-usable, Atlantic sea sponge tampons. They are a safe efficient dioxin-free and rayon-free alternative to the ordinary, single-use fibre tampons.

Product:Sea sponge tampon alternatives
Address:Bristol, UK
What we do:The JamSponge is a natural alternative to tampons, with attitude!


Company:Plush Pants Cloth Nappies
Products:Wemoon menstrual pads and The Mooncup.
Location:Oxfordshire, UK
Phone:01865 408040
What we do:I offer beautiful washable natural cotton menstrual pads from Wemoon and also a reusable internal menstrual product - The Mooncup

Company:Earthwise Girls
Products:UK stockist of reusable sanitary towels, menstrual cups and sponges. Advice service available.
Location:Oxfordshire, UK
Phone:01865 408040
What we do:Earthwise Girls stocks a wide range of reusable sanitary towels by Angel Padz, Ella?s House, Imse Vimse, Mommy?s Touch and Wemoon, menstrual cups such as the Mooncup and Femmecup, and menstrual sponges from Moon Times and Jam Sponge. Our range is designed to give girls and women the chance to enjoy their periods using natural products that work with their bodies. We also stock Natracare Organic tampons and sanitary towels, the safer option if a disposable product is required.

Products:UK supplier of washable menstrual products, including cloth pads, menstrual cups and reusable sea sponges.
Location:Hampshire, UK
Phone:0844 3573504
What we do:Reusable menstrual products are kinder to the environment, free from bleaches, irritants and chemicals, safer for your body and more cost effective.
We stock products from Canada, USA, Australia and Sweden. We are trying hard to source as many products as possible from the UK. If you make cloth pads please contact us with a view to stocking your products.
We only stock products of an extremely high standard and currently have products from Lunapads, Wemoon Natural Menstrual Pads, and Imse Vimse as well as UK based companies such as Moon Times and Weenotions.

Products:Mooncups, cloth san pro and sponges.
Location:25 Albert Drive, Morley, Leeds, LS27 8SE
Phone:Contact by email prefered
What we do:We stock a wide range of cloth and craft products for all the family, including Mooncups, cloth san pro and sponges. Cloth san pro ranges include Sckoon 100% organic pads and we are the UK exclusive sellers of Happy Mama Originals. Feel free to contact us if you need any advice regarding our products.

Products:Washable cotton pads and Diva Cup
Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada
What we do:Lunapads is a global leader in natural feminine hygiene products. Our collection includes Lunapads, washable cotton pads as well as the Diva Cup and Sea Pearls sponge tampons. We are totally committed to progressive and environmental values in both our products and operations.

Products:Pandora cotton menstrual pads, organic cotton tampons and menstrual sponges.
Location:New Orleans, USA.
Phone:not necessary
What we do:We proudly offer beautiful, organic cotton cloth, menstrual pads, Natracare menstrual pads, Natracare and Organic Essentials organic cotton tampons and Sea Pearls natural sponge tampons. You'll love wearing our soft, comfortable, breathable, cloth feminine pads.

Products:GladRags cloth menstrual pads, the Keeper menstrual cup, Jade and Pearl sea sponges.
Address:2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97202, USA.
Phone:503 282 0436 or 800 799 4523
What we do:GladRags cloth menstrual pads are soft, natural, re-usable, washable, hypo-allergenic and incredibly comfortable. Not only will you save money and help the environment, you will find out that they are a healthier alternative for your body.

Products:Organic cloth pads and sponge tampons
Location:Pembrokeshire, UK.
Phone:0844 3511412
What we do:We empower women in body appreciation, environmental awareness and self-respect through the use of eco menstrual products. Taboos about menstruation have led to expensive, wasteful, polluting sanitary items. Moon Times are an alternative to disposable sanitary products.

Products:Cloth menstrual and incontinence pads
Address:PO Box 113, Mt.Clear, Victoria 3350, Australia.
Phone:61 3 53 303010
What we do:We make cloth menstrual pads for women and girls of all ages and stages. Economical, non-toxic, comfortable, safe, earth-friendly, re-usable alternatives to disposable menstrual products. Rad-pads can either be coloured cotton jersey/corduroy cases with red towelling inserts or organic cotton and hemp cases and inserts.

Products:Sckoon organic cotton cloth, Menstrual pads
Location:New York, USA
What we do:Sckoon 100% organic cotton menstrual pads are a healthy alternative to disposable products. Made from 100% certified Egyptian cotton, they are super soft, absorbent, breathable, chemical-free, economical and comfortable. We ship to most countries including the UK.

Products:Many Moons washable pads, Diva Cup and The Keeper
What we do:Many Moons has been offering women alternative menstruation products since 1989. Our re-usable pads and cups are environmentally friendly, economical, comfortable and safe.

Company:HAG RAG INC.
Products:HagRag cloth menstrual pads
Location:Poughkeepsie, NY 12603, USA
What we do:We make HagRag pads from soft flannel and terry cloth with a 100% certified organic, unbleached top layer. Because they are re-usable, they are planet and wallet friendly. HagRags are high quality, comfortable, safe, cost effective and earth-friendly.

Products:Perfect Pads, menstrual pads
Location:PO Box 86, Clemmons, NC 27012, USA
What we do:Perfect Pads combines certified organic cotton, sustainably grown hemp and natural colours and prints into an easy-to-use, all-in-one, soft, comfortable, economic and environmentally- friendly, cloth menstrual pad.

Products:Cloth menstrual pads
Phone:Not necessary
What we do:Kristin's Cloth Pads is a mother-owned company that believes in "feminine care. the natural way". The cloth pad pattern was designed by Kristin and is one of only a few patterns available. Comfortable and economical, our pads are better for your health and our Earth.

Products:Cloth menstrual pads
Location:Melbourne, Australia.
Phone:not necessary
What we do:With Obsidian Star pads, you can choose to have pads custom made exactly the way you want, or shop from the instock selection. With several styles, shapes, lengths, absorbencies and fabrics available, you can not only have a pad that suits your needs, but also your personality.

Products:Moonflower menstrual pads
Location:Details to follow
Phone:Details to follow
What we do:My concern about toxic shock syndrome is one of the reasons why I started to make Moonflower pads. They are hand made from the finest cloth to be comfortable, reliable, safe, economical and eco-friendly.

Products:Cloth menstrual pads, menstrual cups and menstrual sponges
Location:Montgomery, AL, USA
What we do: We specialize in natural alternatives for your monthly needs. We have articles, links, forums, product reviews, FREE cloth-swaps, WAHW consignments, and the most comprehensive shop on the subject! We are continually adding to our site

Products:Washable cloth menstrual pads
Location:West Gippsland, Victoria Australia.
Phone:Not necessary
What we do:I handcraft cloth menstrual pads for a healthier, more comfortable and environmentally friendly alternative. These pads are topped with soft, breathable cotton; they have a sewn-in ultra- absorbent soaker; and are backed with water- proof, breathable, laminated polyester. They are a simple all-in-one design, with or without snap wings, and can be washed and reused many, many times.

Products:Small, medium, large, maxi, light and night pads, MoonPurse and MoonBag
Address:PO Box 913 Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.
Phone:61 266846300
What we do:Wemoon's unique "all-in-one" design offers you glorious comfort and absolute absorbency in reusable menstrual pads. Whatever your size, shape or protection needs, there are gorgeous styles, colours and fabrics just for you. Wemoon is the healthy, natural alternative to toxic, disposable sanitary products. Choosing cloth saves you money and lets you take care of yourself and the Earth - every month.

Products:Mooncups and outrageous cloth menstrual pads
Location:New Zealand
Phone:+64 7 574 2986
What we do:Outrageous pads are so absorbent, trim and comfortable, you'll forget you are wearing them. They are made from thirsty, natural fibres (cotton, hemp, etc) with no sewn in barrier layer, which allows for thorough washing and quicker drying.

Products:Cloth menstrual pads and other feminine products
Location:BC, Canada. (we ship worldwide)
Phone:not necessary
What we do:HomemadeMama creates a very large variety of cloth menstrual products from teen packages to complete mama packages and everything in between. Our various styles, sizes and fabrics will suit any woman's need. Custom orders are always welcome.

Products:Re-usable eco sanpro: WAHM made cloth menstrual pads, mooncups, sponges and accessories.
Location:13 Bournemouth Road, London. SW19 3AR
What we do:We are a one-stop shop for reusable eco sanpro. We stock mooncups, work-at-home-mother made cloth menstrual pads, sponges and accessories. Make yourself more comfortable by trying our lovely eco sanpro, which isn't full of nasty chemicals.

Products:Poppy Pads and the Mooncup
Location:New Zealand
Phone:not necessary
What we do:Poppy wash and wear Pads, made in New Zealand are slim and comfortable, reliable, easy to use and to wash. Poppy Pads have an all-in-one design that snap easily around underwear. They come in lots of fun and colourful prints, have a super absorbent hemp/cotton core and a PUL leakproof layer too. We also offer the Mooncup as a tampon alternative.

Products:Cloth Pads
Location:Northampton UK
Phone:01604 479801
What we do:A UK based WAHM who offers cloth pads for all needs, menstrual, maternity, postnatal and stress incontinence. Bright and vibrant, practical and comfortable in various sizes to suit all needs.

Products:The Keeper menstrual cup & Moon Pads? cloth menstrual pads
Location:PO Box 118, Sandy Bay, TAS 7006, Australia - but we have mail order customers all around the world!
E-mail:info AT
Phone:not necessary
What we do:We believe in products that help families to live more sustainably, to save money and to reduce their health concerns. Our Moon Pads? are hand sewn in a range of sizes, thicknesses and colours - 100% cotton for maximum comfort (or with the option of a waterproof layer). Moon Pads have pads suitable for everyday use through to heavy periods! Ask us about our baby products too.

Products:Washable Cloth Menstrual pads
Location:Murwillumbah, NSW Australia
Phone:+61 2 66723065
What we do:Pleasure Puss? Washable cloth menstrual pads - The one piece comfortable, body friendly and environmentally kind disposable pad alternative.
Single Piece Design Pads - absorbent, slim and leakproof. Easy to Care for - simply soak, wash and dry. Width adjustable wings, Will save you money, are better for your health and kinder to the planet.

We are a student-lead national organization that provides workshops and information and promotes vaginal and menstrual health.
Products:Organic cotton pads and tampons (usually sold at health food stores)

Cloth pads - Handmade or bought online it's easy to make your own, just visit our site to find the pattern)

The Diva Cup or Keeper: A silicone cup that replaces tampons. It doesn't absorb, it catches so you are safe from TSS. It lasts for at least 10 years too!

Sea Sponges: An alternative to tampons which still absorbs the menstration, but doesn't contain those nasty chemicals.
Location:Shepherdstown, WV, USA
Phone:Sarah Witt 304-876-4668
Lydia Johnson (
What we do:We have plenty of resources and ideas so if you have any questions or want more information, you have our contacts. Thank you for including us in your message.

Products:Wise Woman washable, cloth, menstrual pads
Location:PO Box 250, Canterbury, Victoria, 3126, Australia
Phone:613 9830 5280
What we do:Our pads are soft to the skin and therefore comfortable to wear; 100% organic cotton; highly absorbent in the shapes and sizes suitable for your needs; feminine colours and designs; free from chemicals, chemical fragrances and dyes, ideal for allergy sufferers, economical and ecologically sound.

Products:Girly Bitz hemp and cotton menstrual pads, Natracare organic cotton tampons and pads, and Eenee flushable sanitary pads.
Location:Victoria, Australia
Phone:9718 0125
What we do:Rosy's Garden is a friendly and affordable one-stop-shop for eco-friendly products for the conscious consumer. Our range of feminine care products includes natural hemp washable menstrual pads, disposable pads and organic cotton tampons. All products are chlorine and plastic free.

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